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I am called Mariam Namakula an anglophone living and working in France since 2007.  I had studied French at school but never had the opportunity to practice it in a typical French environment.  My 1st year in France was spent at the Sorbonne studying French grammar and the French civilisation until I came accross "AlphaLearning" through a magazine callled FUSAC.  I called the director of the school Mr Fallot Pierre who proposed me to join the Conversational Club and try out his learning method as well. I learnt grammar using a dialogue and at the end of each unit I heard exercises to do.The lesson lasted 2 hours, 1 hour in the cabine and one hour conversation session with a group of 2 to 4 french people.   AlphaLearning uses a learning method called   superlearning or suggestopedia  and this is done in a way that you relax at the same time learning your dream language.  For me the superlearning  method was such an effective method and in 2 months I dreamt in French.  Alpha learning offers its students to meet native speakers for exchange.  AlphaLearning offers languages such as:  English, French, Spanish, Italian German etc.  I am more than happy to recommend this school to anglosaxons or foreigners living in France who wish to improve their French even other languages.
Alpha learning can be contacted on

88, rue de Provence
75009 Paris


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